Dargo Motor Inn

The Dargo Motor Inn is conveniently located right in the heart of the Dargo township. At only 120mtr from the ...
Log cabin sitting room.

Log Cabins

Charming Log Cabins Adjacent to The Dargo Hotel If you want to get the full Dargo experience, a night or ...
The facade of the Grandma's Room in The Dargo Hotel.

Grandma's House

Historic Home Opposite the Dargo Hotel This historic home is full of charm! Conveniently located across the road from the ...
The facade of the central accomodation in Dargo Hotel.

Dargo Central

Conveniently Located Across the Road From the Dargo Hotel Room 1 This is a Motel style room with one Double Bed ...
The inside of the Bunk Rooms.

Bunk Rooms

Want to have a getaway with friends? Why not stay at the historic Dargo Hotel? Bunk Room 1 Located in the ...

Pricing – Prices are the same for each Accommodation zone unless otherwise stated

  • Price: $120 per single 
  • Price: $150 per couple or twin share
  • Price: $200 per three person sharing
  • Groups of 4 and above in group accommodation $65 per person, per night
  • Children under 12, $30 per child, per night
  • Full Breakfast for any groups of 15+, $25 per person Pre-booking required

50% deposit required on all bookings.  If booking is cancelled one month prior your deposit will be refunded. If Booking is cancelled up to one week prior, your deposit will be held and able to be used within a 6-month period after your original booking date.